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Below is a family tree created entirely of photos. I apologize if it takes a while to load. If you have a photograph of anyone on this tree or the parent of anyone on this tree, I would be thrilled to receive a scanned copy.


The photo of the couple has been labeled "Fergusons?" and the photo of the man in the Mason sash is labeled "Albert Ferguson." The two men, however, are not the same. I do believe however, that the man in the Mason sash looks like the woman in picture of the couple. As both photos were taken in Oak Harbor, OH and the mystery man and woman do bear some resemblance to Anny May Ferguson in her later would certainly make sense if both photos were Fergusons and Frosts. I think the most plausible answer is that the photo of the couple is Albert Ferguson and his wife Malvina Frost and that the photo of the man is a relation of Malvina's, perhaps her brother Hiram, who lived in Oak Harbor for many years. It is unlikely that he is her father, who died before the family arrived in Ohio. There are obviously many other possibilities regarding the identities of these people and I welcome any comments.

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