Map of the New York,
Pennsylvania, and Ohio Borders

This is a map of western New York and Pennsylvania and the eastern edge of Ohio. I have included all of the county names and several of the major rivers, but only those towns in counties relevant to the Fergusons and Frosts.

Rushford, Allegany Co., NY - Rachel Frost and her children are found in Rushford in the 1850 census. It is also the home of several Frost families in 1840.

Farmersville, Cattaraugus Co., NY - There is a Jesse Frost with his family in Farmersville in the 1860 - 1880 census records. It is possible that he is Malvina's brother and I have included the town to show proximity to Rushford.

Franklinville, Cattaraugus Co., NY - Jesse appears here in the 1900 census.

Conneaut, Erie Co., PA - Jerry Frost and his family are found here in the 1860 census.

Springfield, Erie Co., PA - Albert Ferguson is in Springfield in 1860 and he and Malvina Frost get married there in 1861. Rachel and Hiram are living in West Springfield in the 1860 census. Amon Frost is also in Springfield in 1860.

Millerstown, Butler Co., PA - A likely candidate for Amon Frost is found here in the 1880 census. I included it to show proximity to the rest of the family.

Monroe, Ashtabula Co., OH - Albert Ferguson casts his first vote here in 1857. His parents and siblings are living in Monroe in the 1860 census

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