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The following maps are available on this site to help you understand the movement of the different branches of my family:

  • Germany - A map of present day Germany, showing the area from which the Bredbeck family emigrated.

  • Bremen - A zoom in of Bremen and its suburbs showing the location of the place called Bredbeck as well as the parish of Meyenburg, where the Bredbecks can be found in church records dating back to the 1600s.

  • London - A map of 19th century London, showing the areas where records have been found pertaining to the Dowding family.

  • New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio borders - Shows the intersection of these three states, highlighting the areas where the Fergusons and Frosts settled before arriving in Ottawa Co., OH.

  • Vermont - Map of the state of Vermont, showing the whereabouts of the Fergusons before they left for Ohio.

  • Acre Family Map - External link to my Acre map on the Mapicurious site. This map follows the Acre family through time and across the country from Maryland in the 1700s to Oklahoma by 1900

  • Kentucky roads - This map is not yet finished. It will show the wagon road from North Carolina orth Carolina to Indiana through the state of Kentucky.

  • North Carolina - This map is not yet finished. It will show Orange Co., NC, from which the Hamilton began their journey to Indiana.

How were these maps created and why? I wanted maps that showed only what I needed them to, without a lot of additional, potential confusing, information. I decided that the best way to do this was to create my own maps. For the first few maps that I made I traced them from an atlas and then edited freehand. Eventually, I decided that it was easier to begin with a computer image and edit from there. Credits for each map are listed on the map pages.... I used an external site for a few maps and the links are also listed above, but ultimately I decided that, time permitting, I enjoy making the maps and will continue to do so.

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