Map of 19th Century London

This is a map of 19th century London, England. It was drawn freehand so please forgive any mistakes. I wanted to show the area of London where the Dowdings lived without too much getting in the way. The yellow is city sprawl and the green is where things become less developed. The green arm reaching into St. Martin-in-the-Fields Parish is park land...St. James' Park and Green Park.

Parish of Christchurch Southwark
Christchurch is a church near the Blackfriars Bridge in the Borough of Southwark. As far as I can tell, it has been called Southwark Christchurch and Christchurch Southwark. I have included the church on my map of London. Southwark was made a borough of London in 1889, but in the Dowdings time it would have been a part of County Surrey, technically not officially a part of London. Blackfriars Road is a road in Southwark which stretches south from the Blackfriars bridge over the Thames River. On one 1827 map, the road is called Great Surrey Street. I believe it is the same road. While the church itself is marked on the 1827 map, on modern maps of London I could not find it. It may not still be standing. There is a Christchurch mentioned in Wikipedia across the river from Southwark near St. Paul's Cathedral. It was destroyed during WWII. I think it is a different church...based on the location...but I could be wrong.

Parish of St. Paul Covent Garden
St. Paul is located in the Parish of St. Paul Covent Garden in Middlesex Co. in the heart of London. It was built in the 1600s. Today St. Paul's is known as the Actor's church.

Parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
St. Martin in the Fields is the name of a Parish (and a well known church) in Middlesex Co. in the heart of London. The church was built in the 1200s. St. Martin-in-the-Fields today stands at the East end of Trafalgar Square and still appears to be a very active church. At the time that the Dowdings lived in London, Trafalgar Square was not yet there, but it appears to have been an important intersection with green areas in the middle.

Savile Row
The center of "bespoke tailoring" in London is Savile Row and the surrounding streets. The tailors began to populate this area in 1806. "Bespoke" tailoring refers to items hand-tailored to an individual's measurements. I do not know if George Dowding worked in the streets surrounding Savile Row, but it is near St. Martin-in-the-Fields Parish.

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