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This is the official website for the name Bredbeck. Is your last name Bredbeck? Maybe you are related. Do you know any fun, fascinating facts about your last name? Share them here. We have a new blog format here now. All information is either in a post or a page on my genealogy blog. This allows people to comment on any of the information. The blog also contains information on other surnames in my family. The list below will take you directly to:

  • The Bredbeck Blog Posts - Tells you what we know so far about the name Bredbeck.

  • The Bredbeck Page - Talks about the ancestry of our Bredbeck lines in the U.S. and the descendants of the brothers who immigrated from Bremen. This needs work and will have more detail in the future.

  • The Links Post - Will connect you to other places on the web where you can find Bredbeck information.

  • The Germany Map Page - Homemade maps of the area of Germany near Bremen where our ancestors lived before they emigrated to the United States.

  • The Bredbeck Genealogy Chart - Shows the first several generations of Bredbeck descendants.

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