Credits Page

This website consists of a series of html pages, a blog, and a php based family tree database. Credits are as follows:

  • The blog uses a Wordpress software and the theme is based on Redox, a design by I designed the background using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and all photos shown are of my ancestors.

  • The html pages were designed to approximate the look of the blog and constructed using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. The photos used for the background are my ancestors.

  • Maps were drawn using Appleworks 6 and credit for the information contained on each is given on the individual pages.

  • The php based family tree file was created using phpGedView and Reunion 8. The information contained in the family tree and the blog comes from a variety of sources, including the help of numerous individuals. Please contact me for further information.

  • Files were uploaded to the web using FileZilla.

  • And everything was done using MacOS X 10.5.8.


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You can find me at: (and yes I'm actually checking my email now!!)

This page was created: January 29, 2010